Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Beyonce in NYC

What do you think? Her outfit is cool, or there are too much information on it?


Anonymous said...

Is too much, but I luv her (beatiful face and body), she always happy and great!!!! DKNY

gnds said...

hmmm..dun think its too much.she combine them all her!!

Giotouka said...

its not too much, its perfect. she is ma fav singer. i love her songs, i love all on her. i met her 2 times in concert.i am a big fan... BEYONCE I LUV U!!!!!!!!

Ingrid said...

I think its too much, the big hoops, the hat, the necklace........ she always looks amazing, except for this time, anyway i love her style and her music, she has a rockin body.
ingrata from fashmatch

Anonymous said...

I think it's pretty GOOD.I luv these pants and these accesories.
The only think I don't like very much is that hat.
Anyway she's always BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

Marina-Lynn said...

1 word for you...FABULOUS!It is a perfect combo...but i could never pull it off. babi-lynn