Sunday, May 18, 2008

Penelope Cruz in Cannes, France.

Penelope looks beautiful in the 2008 Cannes Film Festival.

Woody Allen directed two of Hollywood’s hottest stars, Scarlett Johansson and Penelope Cruz in his new movie, Vicky Christina Barcelona.


Anonymous said...

Pretty woman!!!!! Penelope always looks good on the red carpet.
dkny from fashmatch

Marina-Lynn said...

Penelope is okay I guess, but Scarlette is my fave.

gnds said...

i always think that shes one beatiful women.she looks gorgeous in white!it brings out her exotic face :)

Anonymous said...

she has one of the greatest sense of style in the red carpet - andrea ramirez from Buenos Aires, Argentina

Qistina Zaini said...

your blog is amazing, like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Penelope Cruz is so beautiful and always look good in any outfit.


Anonymous said...

Yes, Penelope is always BEAUTIFUL on the red carpet. But, this dress........well, I'm not too convinced!!!!!!!
Too simple.
( my personal point of view! )

Anonymous said...

Penelope looks great in white! she always look gorgeous...she is a fashion icon!


Giotouka said...

i dont think that she is very beautiful but she is for sure hot and sexy and she knows how to represent herself and that is what i like on her.. ;) She is not like Scarlett, cause Scarlett is my fav actress and just gorgeous. i love her...

Ingrid said...

I am not so fan of Penelope, but i think that she has a great sense of style, and i love her clothing line from Mango.
Ingrata from fashmatch