Friday, May 16, 2008

Rachel Bilson in Beverly Hills

Rachel Bilson attends the debut of Rogan for Target at Barneys in Beverly Hills on Thursday.

Rogan for Target is a new collection of organic clothing. Up until last year Gregory Rogan was the creative force of Edun, a line he started with Bono.

I think that is good to see more people involved in the whole organic/recycling effort and I love Rachel, she is soooo cute and stylish. What do u think?


Anonymous said...

I luv her, too. She is much more beautiful and fashionista than Marissa (her OCs partner)! dkny from fashmatch

Ingrid said...

i love her style, she mention in a magazine, that she doesn't have a personal stylist, and she like vintage clothes, she prefers do it by herself. Well a think she do it excellent. And the cause she support is great, all of us should do too.
ingrata from frashmatch

Anonymous said...

I feel that recycling and using recycled fabrics shows the fashion world is able to leave super designer fabrics for awesome fabrics that help the world. you can be trendy and chic while preserving the world.

indiegurl08 fashmatch

Anonymous said...

She is super cute and recycling is good cause

Andrea Ramirez from Buenos Aires, Argentina

Giotouka said...

yes, she is really stylish and pretty.. but i think she is tooo cute.. lol I WANT HER A LIL BIT MORE SEXY ^^

Marina-Lynn said...

She is my fave!I love her like a sister.Once I got to meet her when my dad was stationed in San Diego, but i was only 9.