Thursday, June 12, 2008

Jessica Sipmson lunches out in SoHo - NYC

She lunches at the Mexican restaurant Dos Caminos in the SoHo neighborhood of New York City!!!!!

I'm totally in love with her outfit, check out her amazing Roberto Cavalli “Apple” bag in metallic. Do u like her outfit, and her bag?


Anonymous said...

Her outfit is cute,but what really beats me is how she is famous. She is so dumb that she thought buffaloes had wings and she sings badly! I wish smart and talented women became famous instead of pretty and untalented.
babi-lynn from Fashmatch

Giotouka said...

she is really pretty but i agree with babi lynn~ i dont really like her! I AM ALSO IN LOVE WITH HER BAG,its amazing! but i prefer this top/dress with shorts!
miss u!

Ingrid said...

I have to say i agree with baby lynn and giotouka, i dont like jessica simpson, she make us think that blondes are stupid, but actually is just her, sorry!! Anyway i love the bag, is perfect, she looks ok in this pic.
ingrata from fashmatch
miss u too baby lynn

gnds said...

yess..agree with the others. actually she is beautiful, buuutt...she's kinda her outfit tho.

fashionbia said...

I like her outfit and I'm in love with her bag. What else..............I'll totally wear this outfit. And she's so pretty and easy going. i like her.

Anonymous said...

I like her outfit, this time...she looks ok in this pic.
Jessica is a pretty woman, but she don't think so much!

* ramona - FashMATCH

UniquelyCreative said...

shes alright but i luv what she wears. ashlee is doing alot better than her

DKNY said...

I like her and she is so stylish and beautiful.

aramirez said...

Her outfit is really cool and she is so pretty, I don't know much more about her!!!

Andrea Ramirez - Buenos Aires, Argentina

Anonymous said...

She looks confidence with this outfit, great choice!

lauren1 (fashmatch)

fashionWHORE said...

i only like her shoes and bag.
i think the tunic top would've been best with, maybe tights ?
but the rest is just fabulous ;)