Friday, June 20, 2008

Mary-Kate Olsen is a Fendi Lover

Mary-Kate Olsen and twin sister Ashley leave an art store with a bodyguard in New York City.

Check out her Fendi buttondown shirt and her Fendi handbag, really cool outfit!!!! I am a Fendi lover, too... and U?


DKNY said...

I am a Fendi freak, as always Mary-Kate wears a cool outfit.

Anonymous said...

I don't like so much this outfit...maybe the pic is the cause!
* ramona - FashMATCH

Giotouka said...

i like FENDI too,but i am not a really big fan! there are many others and much better designerlabels! and i am sorry but i also dont like this outfit! :(

Ingrid said...

I am not a big fan of Fendi, i think its a label very serius and formal, maybe i am wrong but its just my opinion. MK outfit its cool, like the shirt and the sandals.
ingrata from fashmatch

gnds said...

i love the olsen twins!they beautiful,smart, and fashionable.tho i dont always like what they wear but this one is great!love stylish!

aramirez said...

I love Fendi and her outfit, so stylish and cool. The twins are cute!!!!

Andrea Ramirez - Buenos Aires, Argentina

fashionwhore said...

i'm alright with Fendi.
but i prefer Michael Kors.
or even GUESS for handbags (=

i love MK's jeans :D

Anonymous said...

Fendi is a great brand, and love Mary-Kate ;)
lauren1 (fashmatch)